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Amazon VoD on Your TV

Amazon_VOD_TivoNow you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies straight from your television sets. If you have a device that is connected to the Internet then you can choose to watch any TV shows or movies directly from your TV. If your TV is not yet connected to the Internet then you can connect your PC to your TV and get ready to watch movies and TV shows anytime.

Here are several devices that can let you watch Amazon VoD on your TV:

  • TiVo DVR: With the use of your TiVo remote you can readily download movies and add it to your TiVo playing list.
  • Roku Digital Video Player: Roku player allows you stream movies in just a matter of minutes, commercial-free.
  • Sony Bravia: Through the BRAVIA Internet Video you can access thousands of free and premium on-demand entertainment straight to your HDTV.
  • Panasonic VIERA CAST: Order any new released movies and watch them directly on your TV with the use of any VIERA CAST devices.
  • Xbox 360: The Amazon Unbox Video player must be installed on your PC and use Media Player 11 then connect your PC and Xbox 360 console to your home network. Then you must allow media sharing between your PC and Xbox 360 console so that media can be viewed on your TV. Detailed instructions on how to do this setup is seen at Amazon’s website.
  • Windows Media Center PCs: This device must be connected to your TV so you can view your downloaded movies in your TV sets.
  • Connect PC to TV: The simplest way to watch your downloaded movies from Amazon VoD is to connect your PC to your TV.

Now, you are not limited to just watching your favorite movies in your PC. You can now view them in different TV sets and gets even better when watched in wide screen and HD quality, it is just watching in a cinema.

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