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Blockbuster’s Movie Link

MovielinkLet’s face it; over the past few years, we have seen the internet grow into an absolute giant. You can find anything you could ever want on the internet, and it is all at your fingertips in literally seconds. So it should come as no surprise that the internet has become a great place to catch a movie. If you have a decent connection, there are lots of great web sites out there where you can stream the newest movies, or even download them to your computer. Not only are you saving money on gas by not having to drive to the video store, but you are also saving money on the rental itself. Most of the companies out there give you great prices for online movies, and they can also offer you a wider variety of movies than what you might find in the store.

Blockbuster’s Movie Link Service

So, if you are ready to order your next movie online, visit Blockbuster’s MovieLink website. They have a huge list of titles that are all available at your fingertips, and at some of the best prices to be found anywhere. Right now, you can join their Blockbuster On Demand and you can rent 25 movies in advance for just $99. Once those viewing periods run out, each additional rental starts out at just $1.99.

The DVD quality video looks great, even on newer HDTVs, and the technology uses progressive playback instead of streaming, so the video quality that you will receive stays consistent no matter what the speed of your internet is. One of the best things about Blockbuster’s MovieLink service is that unlike most other web based video rental and download companies, they can usually offer a new release within 30 days of its DVD release. That means you have even more movies to choose from at any given time, and you can watch new movies before everyone else!

Buy Movies on MovieLink

Just like at the movie rental retail store, you can buy your favorite movies on MovieLink. After watching a great rental or if you already know what you are looking for, simply click on the icon and complete your purchase. Within moments, your movie will be available for viewing. And, you will own it!

Movies for purchase or for rent are available within every price point. There is even a category of Free options for both renting and purchase. You can sort by price, by rating, by movie studio or by type to come up with an extensive list of new and old movie options for your consideration.

The MovieLink service is easy to use and easy to join. Simply visit the MovieLink website and enter your information. Within moments, you can rent or buy your favorite movies to watch immediately. A trusted name in movies, Blockbuster offers a great option for you to get the newest releases even faster- MovieLink.

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