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Amazon VoD not only offers watching movies on your TV sets from Amazon but you can also rent them. Price for renting movies starts at $3.99 and up depending on the movie. You can opt to rent movies when you are not going to watch the movie immediately. Once you rented a movie you will be presented with a button to download the movie will be stored in your video library. If you are going to purchase a movie, you can also store it in your video player and download them later in your PC. The movies that you purchased comes with licenses to make sure that you are not downloading a pirated version.

If it is your first time to rent or purchase then you need to create an account. Your video player will appear under the account that you registered in. This is a one time setup and you must also agree with the terms and conditions, select payment method and enter billing address. You might also need a purchase PIN if you have a compatible connected TV or device. Once you have accomplished the one-time setup then you are on your way to accessing thousands of movie collections from different genres.


Top movies that are being rented at are:

  1. Knowing
  2. 17 Again
  3. I Love You, Man
  4. Duplicity
  5. Taken
  6. Outlander
  7. Watchmen
  8. Obsessed
  9. The Soloist
  10. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

So with just a small amount, you can watch high-definition movies at your TV or PC anywhere, anytime. Check out for the latest movies for rent.

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