Online Movie Rentals

Online Movie Rentals – How they work

Rent Movies OnlineDo you love movies? If you do, you are just like everyone else in this regard, but you’re about to learn one of the most amazing ways to receive movie rentals without having to go on a trip to the video store.

Online movie rentals are giving video stores a run for their money because, let’s face it, people like to stay home. They don’t want to have to go out if they don’t need to, especially when it comes to movie rentals. And sometimes individuals will take late fees over having to go out and return the videos. Sure, that is their own fault, but there are other people who forget or they have a situation that keeps them from making the trip.

How they work

Online movie rentals are easy. You sign up online, create a movie queue, and you pay for your first month. As soon as you make that payment, processing starts on sending you your first movies. You can continuously work on making your queue what you want it to be. It is necessary so that the company knows what to send you next when they receive your returns. You don’t have to think another thing about it unless you want to add another movie to your queue or move your queue around a little bit. You can also delete movies in case you decide you don’t want to see them anymore.

There are also different packages to choose from. The packages involve how many movies you want to rent at a time. You may want one, two, three, or four.

You also have Netflix that offers online streaming. Some of the movies in their library have been brought online so you can watch the movies on your computer screen. There have also been talks of a set top box so you can watch streamed movies on your television.

Blockbuster is an online DVD rental service that works very much the same as Netflix with the exception of the streaming that comes with a subscription. They do, however, offer to rent and sell movie downloads from their site. They also allow you to return your DVDs at an area store so that you can get the DVDs that you want a lot faster.

And the money you save is amazing for the fact that you pay around $4.00 per rental at the video store, but less than $20 for 12 or more rentals per month with online DVD rentals.

Other options

There are a lot of other options available out there, but it is important to evaluate before making a decision. You need to realize that your online movie rental services that deliver DVDs to you do so through the postal service. They are rather fast in their processing as well. The same day they receive your returned rentals, they are able to send out your new ones. You’re looking at about a two day turnaround and that really isn’t that bad when you don’t have to worry about making extra trips to the video store. Your movies will be in your hands before you know it.

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