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Amazon-Video-On-Demand_Watch_nowOne of the services offered by Amazon is the Watch Now feature. You can directly watch any TV shows and movies in your MAC or PC through any web browser with Adobe flash player. No need to download and wait for large files to be saved on your MAC or PC before watching. Also, you do not need to use a certain kind of video player software just to watch your favorite movies.

Technical requirements to watch movies online through Amazon Video on Demand:

  • Computer Hardware: for PCs: Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHz processor or equivalent. for Macs: PowerPC G5 1.8GHz or faster or Intel Core Duo 1.33 GHz or faster.
  • Computer Hardware for HD playback: Most Duo Core 2.00GHz Macs and PCs or faster.
  • Web Browser: IE 6.0 or above, Firefox 1.5 or above, or Safari 2.0 or above.
  • Web Browser Plug-ins: The most recent versions of JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player.
  • Internet Connection: Broadband Internet connection with minimum recommended connection speed of 450 Kbits/sec.
  • Internet Connection for HD: Broadband Internet connection with minimum recommended connection speed of 3,500 Kbits/sec.

If you are using Sony Bravia, then you can also directly connect it to Amazon Video on Demand by using a broadband-connected BRAVIA® Internet Video Link.

Sample videos will let help you assess how fast video streaming is in Amazon’s Watch Now feature. Depending on your Internet connection, there are 4 levels of video streaming quality. Videos that are streamed at 600 Kbps and 1.2 Mbps are streamed in 480p. Videos are streamed at 720p when the files are at 2.5 Mbps HD files. Amazon will detect your connection speed and will determine the highest quality video stream you can acquire. This information will be sent to you and video stream quality is displayed on the video player. To know if you have achieved HD, the HD connection indicator will turn blue.

Once you rented or purchased a video, you will instantly watch movies online if you choose “watch now”. You can also watch movies online at a later time by creating your video library. All the videos you bought at Amazon store will be stored in your video library.

So check out Amazon’s Video on Demand and watch movies online in just a matter of minutes.

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