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NetflixWith busy lives of consumers, the American pastime of watching movies has evolved. Where we used to make a trip to and from the movie store to pick up our favorite flick, we can now order online or wait for our DVDs to arrive continuously in the mail. Netflix online movie service is one of the original companies to offer DVD rentals through mail delivery options.

How Netflix Works

Netflix online movie service has over 100,000 titles available currently to rent through their mail order system. Their program allows consumers to order their selections online, without the trouble to go to and from the video store to pick up and return their selections. The postal service will simply deliver the chosen DVDs to the customer’s door, typically within one business day.

The best part is that when the customer is through watching the DVD, they simply insert it back into the post office box in the pre-paid envelope and wait for their next chosen selection to arrive. When you send back your DVD, Netflix online movie service will automatically send the next movie on the customer’s list. You can exchange movies back and forth as much as you want, each and every month.

And, there are no late fees to worry about- ever. You can also cancel your membership at any point, without any problems. How simple is that? There are a variety of monthly membership options available to choose from, designed to accommodate individuals and families with different movie watching needs; 1 to 8 DVDs out at a time with unlimited DVD exchanges.

You can even try out the Netflix service for free for 2 weeks to ensure that you are completely satisfied before becoming a member. If you don’t want to become a member, simply cancel within the 2 week period and you won’t be charged.

Online Movie Options

If you would rather watch the movie online immediately, they have a huge library of movies for you to choose from. In fact, there are currently over 12,000 movies available for immediate download.

Some of us would prefer to watch DVDs on our computer. Or, we prefer to have instant gratification with a download than waiting for a DVD to arrive in the mail. What is great about this Netflix online movie service is that you can often purchase the movies for less than a cost of a DVD. So, you can build your movie collection even faster than ever by simply selecting your options for download through the Netflix site.

Perhaps the best thing about services like Netflix online movie service is that the prices are very low, and you never have to worry about extra charges! No more using up gas to drive back and forth, no more disappointment when the movie you want isn’t in, and no more late fees! Isn’t it the right time to bring back some entertainment into your life and your family’s lives? What better way to bond with your family than over movie night? So get renting!

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