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Forget The Video Store! Get Your Movies Online with Xbox Live Marketplace!

Xbox Live MarketplaceHave you ever stopped to think about just how large the internet has become? 20 years ago, none of use would have even dreamed that we would have so much available at the click of a button. The internet can connect you to millions of other people all around the world that you would ordinarily never had a chance to come in contact with. People find dates online, people go to school online, and people can buy anything they want to online. So it should come as no shock that we can tap into a huge listing of movies, new releases, and television shows through a list of great companies on the internet today- Xbox Live Marketplace.

About Xbox Live

This platform is a premier online video gaming and entertainment system, allowing people to place orders from the comfort of their own homes. Users will utilize Microsoft Points to purchase content from their Xbox Live Marketplace. And, users can complete their purchases online or through their Xbox consoles. This is a great advantage as users can manage their accounts without physically being in front of their Xbox console.

Xbox users have a variety of options available for purchasing Microsoft points- bundles, points cards and individuals purchases can be utilized. The current points balance can be viewed through the Xbox console or through the user’s online account.

Once a user has selected a movie that they would like to purchase, they can complete their purchase online or through their Xbox console. Once the purchase has been completed, the download will appear in their Queue. The total time required to download each item will be primarily dependent upon the available Internet connection speed.

Video Options

Xbox Live Marketplace customers can search through the extensive list of available videos for download. They can search by genre- action/adventure, comedy, drama, family, romance, thriller and sci-fi. They can also search by ratings, release date, title, and resolutions available (i.e. HD). Xbox users will find that they can download both new releases and favorites through their marketplace with the click of a button online or through navigating their Xbox console.

One of the benefits of downloading videos through this system is that they are always available. You can watch them anytime and scroll through your latest purchase history to find your favorite flick.

Downloading videos through this platform is quick, easy and often less expensive than renting videos through a typical retail store. And, as they are downloads, there is no need to worry about returning videos, late fees or hidden charges.

For the Xbox lovers of the world, gaming has now evolved to offer DVD download capability from the same console. So, now your Xbox investment can offer you a variety of entertainment options that are affordable and easy to use.

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